About Me



I'm a former scientist and have been pursuing art full-time since 2017. After studying molecular and cellular biology and French at UC Berkeley, I did my doctoral studies at Harvard University and postdoctoral research at Harvard Medical School. I then worked as a scientific editor at the journal Cell before shifting gears into art. My interest in transforming three-dimensional forms as well as sensory perception and integration echo the subjects of my scientific research, which included tissue morphogenesis and neuroscience. 


Drawing from my many years of experience as a biologist, my approach generally emphasizes process and focuses on experimentation with materials and techniques. My work uses materiality and transforming spatial forms to investigate the dynamics of interaction as well as the tension of shifting mental or sensory states, echoing my scientific interests in tissue morphogenesis and neural processing. I'm interested in capturing unresolved, intermediate states that are in flux, in an effort to reconstruct an often elusive whole or possible end states. 



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