Exfoliata 1 (2019)

The semi-translucent biomorphic forms in this work are made entirely of Elmer’s glue peeled off of my skin, bearing its imprints. They imagine the aggregation and self-assembly of all the skin cells shed during my lifetime into creatures (me/not me) that are in various intermediate states, whether of growth or decay. The smallest form inside the cube is stripped down to its basic framework, while the form sitting on top of the cube is fully enrobed in glue-skin and appears to be undergoing morphogenetic transformation. The elongated form draped across the cube is partially enrobed and evokes a liminal state between expiration and animation. 

Exfoliata 2 (2020)

In this piece, Elmer’s glue was peeled off my skin, crocheted, and hung by surgical forceps. 

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